The Four Nations

Set in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender, but a few decades before the Hundred Year War broke out. This is during Roku's days as the Avatar, while he was in his early 20s.
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 Air Nomads Information

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Air Nomads
Air Nomads Information _AirTemples

Council of Elders: Teko (M), Be (M), Yiri (F), Le (F)

    Air Nomads is a collective term for a nation of people who practice the discipline of airbending. One of the four major nations, the Air Nomads were wanderers by definition, but had four air temples, one at each corner of the globe, hidden away atop mountain ranges in the northern Earth Kingdom and on three remote islands. The theocratic Air Nomads were home to a monastic order of men and women who practiced airbending. Unlike the other nations, the people of the Air Nomads were, without any seen exception, all benders due to the high level of spirituality of their people.

    The Air Nomads are a peaceful race who live on a strict vegetarian diet. They live in large temples and travel the world on flying bison. They are the most spiritual of all the cultures and live in harmony with nature. They also are fun-loving and have a strong sense of humor.

    The Air Nomads make up the smallest of the four nations in the world. They have a small economy, based entirely on limited agriculture. The population of the Air Nomads is small compared to even the Water Tribe and is far smaller than either of the world's two major powers, the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom.

Geography: In the era before the Avatar, the precursors of the Air Nomads lived on top of lion turtles. After leaving the lion turtle city, they were situated on remote mountains in large temples. There were four temples in all, one for each direction on the compass. Two were for and run by males and two were for and run by females. The young boys of the Southern Air Temple were known to travel to the Eastern Air Temple in order to choose their own personal sky bison. This was considered an important choice as the intelligent animals would be with the choosing airbenders for the rest of their lives.
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Air Nomads Information
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